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Your guess is as good as ours!

However, from documents and artifacts found in the high mountains of Colorado and along the asphalted roads of Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio and of course Minnesota, there is evidence that documents the existence of a Barknarkle.

Historians have valued just one Barknarkle at $1,000,000.00.

Today - there is only 1 Barknarkle in captivity and it is under the tightest security conditions using state of the art electronics and surveillance gear.

This is amazing since Barknarkles are everywhere but only a handful of highly skilled and well traveled folks have seen one out in the open.

Barknarkles are extremely fast, smart, friendly (once captured) and very cunning in the way they deal with the world as it exists today!

To catch a Barknarkle is a dream for most folks - but for those who do - it will be an event to remember for the rest of their life.

Contact the Barknarkles Thrift and General Store folks to learn more about the history of Barknarkles and maybe some day you will get lucky and see one cross your path!

Secret steps and tips in hunting Barknarkles:

You must act dumber than a Barknarkle, this will ease the fear of a well traveled Barknarkle and direct it towards your location.

Learn not to expect to see a Barknarkle and when you least expect it the critter will show its hiding place.

Avoid well traveled and secure paths, Barknarkles can be found on roads that are less traveled and full of unknown excitement and of course far out of their comfort zone.

If life is passing you by, this is a Barknarkle hint to slow down, step aside and then look over your shoulder to the left. You will then see the herd of Barknarkles as they travel the open road with confidence.

Barknarkles normally take paths that are new and challenging, and that cause fear in the eyes of the Barknarkle - but this is the unknown force that keeps the Barknarkle moving forward! Look for this fear in your friends eye's and there maybe a Barknarkle nearby!!!

Below are possible pictures of Barknarkles captured in the wild:

Barknarkle Smelling Flowers
Barknarkle Crossing a Dirt Path
Barknarkle in the Wild
Barknarkle Near a Tree
Barknarkle Waiting for a Herd of Barknarkles
Barknarkle Leaving a Safe Path for the Unknown


Pictures pending upload are awaiting security review by the International "Save the Barknarkle" Foundation. As soon as we receive word and written authorization from the Foundation leadership and security officials, will post the information.

Disclaimer: Pictures approved for posting may be altered to prevent the public from identifying the Barknarkles' natural habitat.

Photographer: Eric Enger - Nature Galleries

Author Unknown

(The writer's identify is being masked to protect the Barknarkle from exploitation)

What is a Barknarkle?